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Franklin Reids carefully source and acquire property for a wide range of investors from single acquisitions to large investment portfolios for clients based in the UK and overseas. When sourcing property acquisitions for clients we do so with the investor criteria in mind, that being properties in prime locations that offer good rental yields and solid long term investments.

We are able to do so due to our extensive knowledge of the property market in the city of Liverpool and the North West with local intelligence and knowledge.

Franklin Reids can help with the full acquisition process of your investment whilst ensuring that any remedial or extensive renovation/s are cost effective and kept to budget as well as providing a comprehensive property management programme to maintain your asset long term.

"Our long term objectives are to ensure that your property asset achieves full potential and strengthens with value over time".


Why Choose Franklin Reids?

Franklin Reids are an exciting forward thinking property management company with a focus on building a strong relationship with all of its investors and ensuring their needs are the primary focus. We have the investor in mind at all times, being proactive in acquiring property and investment return whilst also ensuring that the property is managed to a very high standard.

Whether you are looking for a single-property investment or building a high-performing property portfolio, here at Franklin Reids our focus is on tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements and achieve each investors goals financially and strategically.

If you are new to property investment or an experienced investor, our highly knowledgeable team will work closely with you to meet your financial aims and objectives.

We aim to be different, we pride ourselves on being professional and dynamic. Most importantly we listen to our clients and investors and we communicate with them on a daily basis to ensure we deliver you the best possible service, putting your needs first. Our approach is to ensure you are dealt with by a dedicated team member of Franklin Reids from start to finish making the investment process seamless and stress free.

"Whether you are a single property investor or hold a large portfolio we aim to ensure your property is in safe hands, so get in touch".

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